Our Staff

Members of our church and volunteers in our communities keep this chapter working. We all share in the work but here are some of the key players and their roles in this chapter.  We are all spread out around local communities, making it easier for surrounding communities to get involved.

Sylvia Williams

-Calmar, AB

Sylvia first brought the idea up and got us interested in this ministry.

Key roles:

-Sylvia handles all the monetary donations and other financial responsibilities.

-one of the main people you'll speak with when contacting IMVO

Ruth Sharman

-Warburg, AB

Ruth's home is the location for organizing supplies and putting bags together.

Key roles:

-maintaining communication with child services

-one of the main people to speak with when contacting IMVO 

Mary Johnson

-Berrymoor, AB

Key role:

-organizing volunteers,

collecting donations

-community involvement

Orti Weich

-Alder Flats, AB

Key role:

-organizing volunteers,

collecting donations

-community involvement

Derald and Teresa Kisser

-Rocky Rapids, AB

Key role:

-organizing volunteers, collecting donations

-community involvement

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