Our Volunteers

We couldn't do it without the hard work of our volunteers who give of their own time, money and talents. 


Thank you so much to:

Ryley and Ponoka Chapters as our mentors, helping us get started

Drayton Valley SDA Church 

Walmart, Drayton Valley

Sylvan Lake Red Hat Group

Hearts and Hands quilting guild; Drayton Valley

Young at Heart Quilters; Warburg

Members of the Alder Flats community

Businesses and Organizations

Young at heart quilters in Warburg.  Presented me with a donation of 30 quilts and bags, along with a number of other supplies. 

Friends and Family

Marion and Elizebeth; Lacombe

Florence; Lacombe

Evelyn Ingraham

and other members of the community in Drayton Valley and surrounding area.

Sylvan Lake Red Hatters group. Gave a generous donation of quilts, and other supplies. I went out expecting to collect a few boxes and literally came home with a truckload.


Well into her 90's Marion has been a skilled quilter and dedicated supporter of Bags of Love. Regularly sending us large bags containing quilts. Her hard work has made a huge different and been greatly appreciated.


As the community of Alder Flats came together for a large garage sale, they also came together to support "It's my very own bags of Love.  A draw was set up and toonies came in for three days to support children.  A small community with big hearts who responded to the need by donations, material and offers to make bags.  Thank you to all those who responded.  Thank you Janis, Susan, Sonia for being the front runners in promoting this worthwhile cause. 


These beautiful quilts were donated to Bags of Love by Susan O'Connar and Colene Davie, members of Hearts and Hands Quilters Guild, Drayton Valley.